Every product donates to anti-bullying causes

About us


"I've always felt passionate about the topic of bullying and decided to at on it and raise awareness for this cause. I think it is something that affects many people at some point in their lives in various forms" (Anya Berlova, CEO/Founder).

Anya started her brand because she had a mission: to combat bullying and encourage people to show their uniqueness and unique selves. She believes that one of the keys to a bullying-free society is for every person to build confidence around their individuality and not succumb to any fear surrounding the expression of who they are. She hopes to inspire YOU to #ShowYourUnique ®

At the core of the company are its mascots, Sheepers and Puggie, two quirky and adventurous individuals who are not afraid to stand out. Whether they are traveling (sometimes spontaneously), making unexpected friends, or going on exciting and often funny adventures, Sheepers and Puggie are not afraid to stand out. They're pretty awesome.